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Professional Recording in 24 bit Quality

Recording with high-quality equipment in true 24-bit-quality. The convenient sectioning of our recording studios and the optimal Amp-Booths allow all actors to record their songs together and live. The signals of the instruments are detected without mutual interference. Simultaneous recording of up to 32 tracks. More than 100 tracks are available.

Professional Mixing of own and external Recordings

Own and external produced material is handled and mixed with top-quality. Everything is stored with the “total-recall-function” to be retrievable at any time.

Mastering / Remastering

Any recording, no matter if sound, voice, or advertisement needs final mastering. That gives your material the finishing touch. Sound and level are being finished and matched to the highest standard. Then your material will be released and pressed.
Also see item CD-pressing !

LIVE Recording (Audio & Video)

Our high-class-equipment enables us to record any kind of live concerts or other events like theater, cabaret, classical music etc. You can choose between 24 or 48 tracks. After recording of a concert all tracks can conveniently be reworked, mixed and mastered in our studios.
In case you need, in addition to your audio-recordings, video-material you can book our video-team that will be able to produce your DVD or a other medium with photos and music. We can optionally provide you 4 to 8 HDV cameras in 16:9 format.

You are planning a concert or a festival? No problem! we have a professional sound engineer for any front equipments. Ask us for FOH-mixing!

Demos and Preproductions

Even bands that are short on money are welcome to Dreamsound Studios. They will get the same professional service like others do. Just ask us:

Professional Vocal Recordings

Of course, we offer professional voice recordings for your audio books, radio plays, announcements, promotions etc. A professional coach for your voice recordings is available.

Compositions, Arrangements, Soundtracks, Jingles, Promotion

We also offer you our top-quality performances in soundtracks, promotion, jingles, compositions and diverse arrangements.

CD-pressing and DVD-pressing

It goes without saying that we offer you the best conditions for the production of your CDs and DVDs, including a Promo-CD with cardboard case or the regular CD with booklet in a jewel-case und also a 6-page Digipak in premium quality. We guarantee extreme short delivery times between 5 and 10 work days and excellent print quality. Dreamsound Studios takes over the whole processing including print layouts and GEMA fees in an all-inclusive price. Our all-inclusive package deal considerably reduces your workload for your production. Ask us:



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